17 April 2010

Prom Dress

"Prom dress" --  arrggh.   A couple days to make one?  arrgghh^2   Alex doesn't really like super-traditional stuff (no pink, sparkly, or too shiny...).  We searched the Internet for a dress style she liked and she picked a really pretty black tiered skirt/top combo.  She doesn't like the asymmetry of the corset top, so we decided to use a different one.  here is the dress: 

And here is the cincher we bought: 


I like it a lot -- plus, I don't have time to make one (prom is next weekend and I also need to finish Rufio...)

I cut the underskirt -- basically an 8 gore long skirt (though I combined the front gores into one).  I hope I bought enough fabric for all the ruffles!

back soon with more pics.  I need to finish this up as soon as possible.  lol

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