14 August 2010

Green Day

So after another AMAZING Green Day concert, I decided I needed Green Day Converse (well, I have been wanting them for a while).  So I bought a new pair yesterday, then some fabric paint and here they are:

09 August 2010

Working on my new sewing room!

I outgrew that 5th bedroom eons ago, but with 3 kids that need beds, what do you do?  Putting them in the same room would guarantee misery for all of us.  One day as I was piling more fabric into the upstairs playroom (overflow #3).. I started thinking.  Playroom= bigger....  Playroom not being used except as storage....  see where I am going with this???

Weeks later (took weeks to haul everything out in a huge game of musical mess... I hope the hoarding show producers aren't reading my blog)...  room mostly clear (except for said overflow fabric...). 

Here is my sewing wall -- and *yes* that is sparkley paint!  I have to hang the glow in the dark moon and disco ball (really!), and then the sewing counter will go up.  I want to add some rhinestones to the wall as stars, too. 

So today I am browsing the web (instead of working on sewing room) and I come across this contest http://sewmamasew.com/blog2/?p=9630  to win a brand new shiny Husqvarna Viking s21serger.  Yes, I said shiny!!  My serger is ooooolllllddddd....  yes, old.  I would love to have a super nice new serger to replace it.  All these cosplays need lots of serging  (Elven capes, super hero tights, J-pop outfits, gothic creations....).  A new serger would make things so much easier for me!

 I have space for it, see? 

If you sew... rush over to the above link and enter the contest!  Someone is going to win a fine machine!  Now I have to get back to installing my sewing counter!