31 May 2010


What a fabulous time!  Animazement was so much fun!  I will post pics of the completed costumes later today.... and maybe post some pics of the awesome and wonderful costumes I took pictures of.  So many creative people -- and everyone (well, except one person...) was super duper nice. 

I am so tired!

26 May 2010


Kotaro has a 3 part collar -- a slightly standing up silver collar, a wide lapel silver collar, and a blue sailor collar!  I drafted the collars and have been getting them ready to attach.

Here are a few pictures of the steps in assembling the wide lapels:

Sewing on pleather piping is a real pain!!  You have to be careful, as every stitch in the pleather makes a hole in the fabric that doesn't close back up around the thread.  Oh, yeah - did I mention that the pleather piping is attached to another favorite fabric - silver lame' -- woah! slippery fabrics!

This part of the collar is ready to attach!

Here is the top of the costume awaiting the attaching of the collars....

24 May 2010

Kotaro... slowly

I decided to just focus on one costume at a time... lol 

Here are Kotaro's leggings.  They attach to the shirt via suspender clips.

I looked and looked for an example of Kotaro's jacket tails.  I finally found a good shot of them in a music video -- they look so much like cicada wings!

Here is the drafting of the 3-piece collar for the jacket.  I have had to make my own pattern for the whole jacket -- the tails, super puffy sleeves and exaggerated collar are just not available in a pre-made pattern... lol

And here is a sneak peek at how the jacket is coming along -- lots of embellishment to do after I get the other sleeve and collar on! 

23 May 2010

Hammer time...

Here are a couple more quick pictures of Kotaro in progress.  I finished the garters that hold up the leggings and attached them.  The legging are basically complete as well -- will post pics later today.  Also, a glimpse of the cravat while drying...

22 May 2010

Uchuu Sentai Noiz

I am making Kotaro's (in blue) and Yamato (in green)'s costumes... 

I have bits and pieces done of Kotaro... here are a couple pic of the shirt, shorts, cape fabric and some of trim work... 

I am sewing a lot -- so getting back to it now!

more AZ stuff

I have lots to get done for Animazement... so posting will be brief! :D

Here is Rufio's ring in progress:

I used foam for the base, and I used blue tape to sculpt some dimension onto the ring.  For the actual "ring" part, I used an adjustable ring base.

Here is the completed ring after multiple coats of paint and glue...

Next post, I will show pics of the next two costumes I am making...

15 May 2010


Final pics of Rufio's outfit.   Not pictured -- wristbands, earring, and ring (not made as of yet...)

Note Yamato's fur in pic! lol 

12 May 2010

more Rufio...

I finished up Rufio's vest (it has been *almost* done for a while... lol).  I sewed the fringe onto the shoulders -- I had already attached the shells and stones.  I decided to attach the fringe to the vest rather than the shirt so the shirt can be easily washed.   I like it!

Here's a peek at the almost finished necklace pieces.  I made them out of air-dry clay then put a wash on them.  They feel like bones... lol

09 May 2010

Rufio's belt...

Rufio's belt is done!  I love all the fringe.  The belt ties on one side and can be adjusted.  Here it is:

08 May 2010

sneak peek...

sneak peek at a few pieces of Rufio's -- in progress.  I forgot to take a picture of the necklace - I'll try to do that tomorrow. 

Here are his pants with some of the holes.  I have made more (front and back) and distressed the pants a bit.  They are currently tumbling in the washing machine to fray more.  I still have to add more red pieces.  I know Rufio has tights under his pants, but just adding red fabric under the tears makes sense to me.

And a quickie shot of the vest in progress:

Here is the beginning of the belt, and then the fringe cut.  This fabric has a fabulous texture to it.  I am adding shells and beads now, then I will add ties to either side of the decorative part of the belt:

07 May 2010

working on Rufio...

Rufio's pants are done and they are great.  I cut horizontal slices in the pants then ran them through the wash.  They frayed!  I put the red fabric behind the holes and I think they look pretty cool.    I do still need to make a belt for them.  Pictures to follow later today.

I have so much sewing to do -- and so little time!  aack!