11 April 2010

The fur is flying...

This black fur is unbelievable!  So soft...  I am finishing up my daughter's cosplay chess outfit today -- the Pokemon Mightyena.  Though this is not a full cosplay, I am still dealing with sewing fur, which can be tricky. 

Most people suggest cutting the fur from the back side (where it is not furry...), and this is a good idea.  I am not sure how you could cut it from the front and be able to maintain a straight line.  I marked the pattern on the back of this black fur with a white marking pencil -- it shows up really well and won't be seen in the final product.  

Some suggest that you cut fur with a craft knife or small scissors so you can just cut the backing and not any of the fur length, but I have found it is perfectly fine to cut straight through, fur and all.  Even after cutting, you still have to either remove the fur that will be encased in the seam, or be prepared to pick it out after sewing with a pin...  that is very tedious!

Since fur does not ravel, it does not have to be hemmed.  Back later with more pics!

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