13 March 2010

Basketball and costuming...

Still working on Alice -- with one eye on the tv the past few days.  I love ACC basketball - and NC State.    Two upsets for State so far -- hoping for another one this afternoon as we take on Georgia Tech.  I'll be "there" needle, thread and all...

Since I haven't posted pictures of the geometry problems I am having with Alice's coat, I thought I would share the vintage pattern I am using as the foundation of her coat (Simplicity 5928, copyright 1973).  Note that the pattern is a size 12.  Ok.  The bust measurement is 34", waist is 26 1/2" and hips 36".  Yes, a size 12.  Oh, and note that this is a "Look Slimmer Pattern".  Any slimmer and the woman would disappear.  Times have changed...

Also, take a look at a pattern piece -- see how thick that "tissue" paper is?  If you buy a Simplicity pattern today, you'll be lucky not to tear the pattern tissue as you use it.  I prefer the paper patterns like KwikSew...  Also, the pattern isn't multi-sized -- you get one set of measurements, that is it.  sigh.  Still, the pattern fits the bill for what I need. 

Appropriately, Alice's coat is NC State colors:

Reference Image of Alice, by Runia


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