29 October 2010

Sgt. Pepper... Paul

Ana wanted to dress as Paul on the Sgt. Pepper cover for Halloween this year.  The blue suit here:

ok, that is shiny!

So this is definitely a costume-grade costume.  I made it all in 1.5 days -- but I think it turned out cute, and she appears to be happy.

A few construction photos:

first -- always add pin-stripe to the pants leg *before* you sew up the pants:

I also opted to add as much of the trimmings to the jacket before sewing it up. 

same with the back -- it is so much easier to sew on trim with a partial garment than onto the whole bulky thing!

then I drafted a little collar:

And made and attached sleeves:

Can you see the ball fringe on the bottom?  I love it!

So here she is before the wig...

And I laughed so hard when she did put on the wig...  oh my, she looks so different!!!  She's doing letters from Help!.  Dork. 

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